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Temptation by Fire

Visions of death haunt her . . .

Ava Keller sees the future. When she suffers a horrifying vision of a man’s violent death, she knows from experience nothing she does will stop it from becoming a reality. But when she meets a strong, broken man, he makes her want to believe in second chances.

Vengeance consumes him . . .

Tortured by his past, Karson has worked tirelessly to wreak vengeance on the demons who murdered his family. But when Ava inadvertently disrupts his intricate plan for revenge, his focus shifts to an all-consuming need to keep her alive and in his arms.

Love could save their souls . . .

Thrown together by fate, Ava and Karson explore their new feelings and discover hope for the future. But they must battle the demons threatening humanity to find a destiny worthy of their love.



Release Date: December 30, 2013






Praise for Temptation by Fire

“Engaging characters, fast-paced action, slow burn romance and lots of clever quips make this a must read!”

Lexie from Poisoned Rationality

“Sinful and sexy in the most decadent way! Tiffany Allee is a fierce voice in paranormal romance!”

National Bestselling Author Kristin Miller

“The sexual tension between Karson and Ava was insane. If you like demons, demon hunters, boat loads of action, magical tattoos, exorcisms, mythical magical necklaces, and a love story that uncovers the redemption, emotional scars and a love found…then this is the book for you.”

Mary Kirkland from I Smell Sheep

“The characters were great, the story was nice with some twists I didn’t see coming (always great and shocking!) and the romance was hot. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Stephanie from Bookfever

“Tiffany Allee has introduced a new cast of wonderful characters to fall in love with, and hopefully follow in many future books.”

Christina, Goodreads Review



© 2013 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One

Monstrous. That was the only word for it. Deep reds and yellows flashed at me, hurting my eyes. The sparkles were almost enough to put me right over the edge. What the heck were those things? Rhinestones? Who wore rhinestones anymore?

Only Miriam.

“What do you think, Ava?” Miriam asked.

I bit my lip, searching my mind for a way to tell her that it was the fugliest thing I’d ever seen without offending her. I cast a quick glance about us. Thanks to the after-dinner hour, the hospital cafeteria where we sat at a chipped Formica-topped table was almost empty. No one else seemed to notice us, or the horrible dress that my best friend was waving around. But combined with the smell of disinfectant that clung to the stark white walls and pastel plastic furniture, the dress was enough to make me dizzy.

Nope. There was no way to be polite.

“I think it’s horrible,” I admitted. Miriam’s fashion sense tended toward the wild side, but that dress crossed a line. Besides the garish sequins, the neckline looked like it would hit her navel.

“Really?” Miriam held the dress at arm’s length and studied it with a critical eye. “I thought it might be nice for the graduation party. I don’t graduate from medical school every day. Might be a good chance to wear something saucy.”

I suppressed a shudder at the idea of wearing something so flashy in public. But that was Miriam. Brave and fun and willing to journey into the scariest places fashion offered. Despite our differences, we’d been best friends ever since the day in middle school when Miriam decided we would be.

Miriam got what Miriam wanted.

She was also my favorite person in the world. So it worked out pretty darn well for me.



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A Sons of Kane Novel

Don'tBiteTheBridesmaidFinalx500Alice Shepard needs one thing: a date for her sister’s wedding. And not just any date. A hunk who will make her fiancé rue the day he left her for her best friend. Her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor fits the bill—even if he is a bit quirky and never comes out during the day—and Alice has downed just enough appletinis to ask him. But she makes it quite clear that there will be no funny business.

Spending a week on a cruise ship full of humans while sleeping close to his sexy next-door neighbor sounds like a helluva bad idea to vampire Noah Thorpe. But his friends need time to get him out of a shotgun wedding—a vampire bonding that will tie his fate to a female vampire he’s never met. And Alice’s offer comes at just the right time.

What could possibly go wrong?


Release Date: May 27, 2013



Praise for Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid


“An easy read perfect for a lazy afternoon. Fans of Kerrelyn Sparks or Molly Harper will enjoy this lighthearted romp.”

Anna Dougherty from RT Book Reviews

“The story is told with a lot of humor, some poignant moments, and a FABULOUS twist. I Highly Recommend DON’T BITE THE BRIDESMAID for a bit of summer fun.”

Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust

“For a fun, flirty read, Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid ticks all the boxes and is an excellent start to a new series.”

Gemma from Book Chick City

“With her engaging wit, surprising characters and a couple surprises Allee had me hooked on what would happen between Alice and Noah.”

Lexie from Poisoned Rationality

“This story just kept getting better and better the more I read. Allee’s take on day walking vampires and their interactions in the everyday  human world is something that I’ve not read before and it was a good thing.”

Shelly from Red Hot Books

“Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid was such a cute read! It was different from the typical vampire story, which was refreshing and fun! I loved both Alice and Noah and wish their story hadn’t ended.”

Erica from The Book Cellar

“Tiffany Allee definitely knows how to entertain with this fabulously fun paranormal romance.”

Pauline from Night Owl Reviews—

“You won’t be disappointed in this sweet vampire story!”

Tanya from The Book Obsessed Momma



© 2013 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One

When the door opened, Alice Shepard suddenly wished she’d had five appletinis.

Noah Thorpe peered at her from behind hooded eyes. And if his bored expression hadn’t told her he wasn’t interested in talking to her, his tone would have.


She straightened her dress and then ran a hand over her hair, smoothing it. She could do this. Four appletinis and enough outrage bottled inside her chest to choke a bear virtually guaranteed enough courage.

“Hi, Noah,” she said, forcing a smile. She could do this. The worst he could do was say no, right? “Can I come in and talk to you for a minute?”

He paused for a moment, and the humiliating thought that he’d deny her even that simple request flashed through her mind. But finally, he nodded and stepped back.

She steeled her spine and walked past him into his foyer, glancing around even though she’d seen it several times in the five years she’d lived next door. But that had been for silly requests or neighborly things. Asking him to get a tree trimmed was one thing, and didn’t really compare to what she intended to ask now. And it hit her how very nice his house was. What did the man do for a living to afford such a place at his age? He couldn’t be much older than thirty. Family money?

Noah walked past her and his dark grey dress shirt brushed against her bare shoulder. She suppressed a shiver, smoothed her sundress, and followed him. And she did her best to keep from staring at the smooth line of his wide shoulders, and the way his pants revealed one of the nicest butts she’d seen in…well, ever.

Down girl. There was no doubt about it, Noah was attractive. Her sister had asked once if Alice’s neighbor was cute. The word didn’t apply. Even the word handsome didn’t do him justice. Erotic. Sensual. Dangerous. But never simply handsome. And certainly not cute.


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From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency Series



From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency – Book One
banshee charmer newWhen she’s sent to a crime scene and finds her second dead woman in as many weeks, half-banshee detective Kiera “Mac” McLoughlin is convinced a serial killer is on the loose. Incubi are extinct, her boss insists. But what else can kill a woman in the throes of pleasure? When her partner is murdered after using witchcraft to locate the killer and Mac is thrown off the case, her frustration turns to desperation.

Certain the killer is an incubus, Mac works behind her department’s back to chase down slim, sometimes perilous leads. While the killer eludes her, she does discover handsome Aidan Byrne, an investigative counterpart from the enigmatic Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. Mac typically runs her investigations fast and hard, but with Aidan at her side, she’s running this one “hot” as well. But Aiden knows more than he’s letting on—something that could shatter their blazing romance and add Mac to the killer’s growing body count…


What reviewers are saying about Banshee Charmer:


“With a spark of sexual heat, a budding romance, and a tough-cop heroine, Tiffany Allee creates a well balanced, highly engaging story.”

Heather from Book Savvy Babe

“…an exciting first installment which looks to be a really fun and really sexy series. Full of revenge, naughty words, and surprising lust for a sexy stranger.”
Amber Elise at Du Livre

“Banshee Charmer was a delight to read. It’s fast-paced plot, unique characters and sexy romance made it hard for me to put down.”
Angel Ray from Lore Lush Book Reviews

“What an exciting debut to a new series! The mystery plot was thrilling, the world-building complex and the love story sizzling. Perfect mix and great story, I loved it!”

Stella from Ex Libris

“1 part Mac + 1 part Aidan = Absolutely Freaking Delicious hotness.”

Cana Wentzky from Place of Reads

“If you love fast paced stories filled with great plots, heart stopping twists and hot romance, this is the right book for you.”

Stephanie Verhaegen from Bookfever



© 2012 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One


“What do we got, Aggie?”

The detective pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped at the sweat beaded on the top of his bald head. Some people might have assumed his reaction was nerves, but I knew it had to be hot in the house he’d just walked out of. Detective Joe Agrusa had been on the job for nearly twenty-five years, and only Mrs. Agrusa could make him nervous enough to sweat.

“What we got is a body. A weird one,” he said.

“No shit? Here I was thinking you called me out because you’re so damned fond of me.”

He grinned, revealing a set of crooked but stain-free teeth. “You wish, freak hunter.”

Aggie was human, shorter than me but at least twice my weight. I was usually the shortest woman in the room, which made the detective pretty damned short for a man.  I looked down at him and snorted. “Fill me in.”

He raised an eyebrow at my tone.

I kept my face straight, just barely. “Don’t make me scream it out of you.”

“Shit, Mac. All the years my wife’s been nagging me and you think I’m not immune to a banshee? A half-assed one at that?”


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From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency – Book Two

Succubus Lost NewSomeone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition, and Detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus, races to find the murderer before he claims another victim. But her pursuit is derailed when her responsible younger sister vanishes. Marisol suspects foul play and enlists support from an unlikely source: an agent from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, Valerio Costa.

When the trail pointing to everyone from vampires to witches dries up, Agent Costa admits to knowing more than he’s shared. Marisol’s sister’s kidnapper harnesses more magic than she can imagine—and they’re running out of time. To find her sister before her powers are drained and twisted beyond recognition, Marisol must connect the dots between cases and put her trust in Costa, a salamander who may burn her before she can solve either case.


What reviewers are saying about Succubus Lost:


“This book was sexy, fun, suspenseful and very witty, what I love most in a Paranormal Romance. I highly recommend Tiffany Allee’s books to everyone.”

Stephanie Verhaegen from Bookfever

“I absolutely adore the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series by Tiffany Allee.”

Marlene from Reading Reality

“Succubus Lost is another original and satisfying read by Tiffany Allee. With all its suspense, diverse characters and a hate-worthy villain, Succubus Lost is a book you’ll want to read in one sitting.”

Lori from Romancing the Darkside

“Succubus Lost is charming, sexy, and well-written.”

Mindy Wall from Books, Books, and More Books

SUCCUBUS LOST is full of mystery, action and lust, this, for me, was an emotional story as Marisol’s fears and inner thoughts are laid bare. Marisol and Costa took their time in falling in love and breaking down the barriers that stood in their way.”

Braine from Talk Supe



© 2012 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One

The smell hit me first. Not decay, like I’d expected after being called to the site of a homicide, but cremains and trash.

Spotlights and flashlights lit the darkened alley, casting eerie shadows onto the asphalt and against the brick of the surrounding buildings. It was enough to make a person imagine threats that didn’t exist, monsters hiding in the shadows. Surreal.

The alleyway behind La Maison wasn’t exactly as nice as the lobby of the chic Chicago hotel, and the night air was cooling quickly. I glanced longingly toward the back door of the building and clutched my blazer a little tighter around me, wishing I’d worn pants instead of a skirt for once. Inside the hotel door lay the kitchen, and past that was one of the nicest lounge bars in the city, as well as a first-rate restaurant. Putting on my cop face—a slightly knowing smile that my friend Mac called “smug with a touch of haughty”—I followed Astrid into the Dumpster-filled alley where a metal trash can seemed to be the source of the ashy scent wafting down the street.

“I’m Astrid Holmes, and this is Marisol Whitman.” Astrid flashed her badge at a police officer and a man in a crime scene investigator’s jacket. I did the same. This was her case, so I’d follow her lead. “What do we got?” she asked, her voice almost too official.

The CSI spoke first. “Freak squad, huh? Looks like a body, burned.”

Neither Astrid nor I so much as blinked at his rude greeting. It wasn’t the first time we’d been called freaks, and it almost certainly wouldn’t be the last.


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From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency – Book Three

LycanUnleashed_Final_1600Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive, a human capable of feeling the energy of otherworlders. When she is dispatched to the horrific murder scene of a local vampire, she expects it to be just another day on the job. But when evidence is stolen on her watch, she is removed—not only from the investigation, but from her job as a member of the Chicago police department’s paranormal unit.

Astrid’s only hope of reinstatement lies with her ex co-worker and almost-lover, Lycan Mason Sanderson. But convincing the OWEA agent to let her assist with the investigation isn’t nearly as difficult as staying alive when the murderer realizes that Astrid may hold the key to unlocking his identity.

Fighting to take down a killer could have deadly consequences for Astrid and Mason, but working together puts their already fragile relationship in jeopardy.



What reviewers are saying about Lycan Unleashed:


LYCAN UNLEASHED is fabulous! The action starts with the first page and is non-stop to the explosive ending..”

Annetta Sweetko from Fresh Fiction

These novels are fun, engaging reads.”

Lexie from Poisoned Rationality

“…this is a great book, and I loved it soo much that I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting on the next book.”

Cana from Place of Reads

This seamlessly mixes in magic and myth and good old police procedural. I’m looking forward to more of these.”

Bettie Lee from Books with BettieLee



© 2013 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One


Bright lights poured over me as I strode up from the parking lot and across the small, dock-style entrance into the boat. I closed my eyes before crossing the threshold and let my attention shift from my five senses to my sixth—as a sensitive, I could feel the powers that otherworlders, or OWs, emitted. “Oh-dub” energy radiated from the boat, but most of it was too far in for me to get a good read. But the shadowy wave of vampire energy was unmistakable—there were several of them inside.

And I could feel the slight pinging of a banshee too, almost too far away for me to sense. Mac would probably be distinguishable from other banshees, especially full-blooded ones. But that wasn’t a theory I’d ever had a chance to test, since I’d never been around another banshee.

Casino Merveilleux floated permanently docked on the Fox River. Since it was technically a boat, it could offer gambling games to the residents and visitors of the greater Chicagoland area. New gambling ships were rare, but with the Chevalier money and influence behind the project, approval had not really been an issue.

Lieutenant Vasquez hadn’t mentioned anything specific about the crime scene other than the address, when he’d called me into his office with a brisk, “Astrid, get your ass to this crime scene.” So when I found my GPS leading me into the parking lot of a riverboat casino, I was a little ticked. Sure, the lieutenant wasn’t exactly the talkative type, but a quick mention of the location wouldn’t have been out of order. He’d probably been too pissed about Claude’s latest no-notice “vacation” to think to mention it.


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From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency – Book Four


VampireGames500She’s seen the past…

OWEA Agent Beatrice Davis is haunted by the death visions that help her solve crimes. When Detective Claude Desmairis, her vampire ex-lover, asks for her assistance on a case, she’d rather help him than take the mandated leave to stave off her burn-out.

The truth won’t stay buried…

Pressed to solve a series of crimes before the perpetrator blows the vampire world apart, Claude turns to a woman he thought he’d been able to leave behind. But he was wrong, and his feelings for her will only bring trouble in an investigation this dangerous.

As their passions reignite, they see a possible future together. Until her visions show her the face of the murderer—a man Claude can never betray.

Available for preorder:


Praise for Vampire Games

Vampire Games is a quick read that delivers a lot of action, a lot of romance, and a lot of twists.”

Mary from Vampire Book Club

“You’ll want to play along with this vampire in Tiffany Allee’s newest Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency book. I would highly recommend Tiffany Allee’s Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series to all fans of paranormal romance and suspense. They’re fun, interesting, suspenseful, and romantic.”

Emsy from Fab Fantasy Fiction

“The storyline was complete..fun…had me reading this book in one day. In order for a book to work you need
sexy…interesting characters…√
Complete and intriguing storyline..√√
along with the ability to make you crave more..√√√.”

Patricia, Goodreads Review



© 2013 Tiffany Allee

Chapter One

For once, it wasn’t a nightmare that woke me. The booming knock at my door sounded again and I dragged myself out of bed. I held my gun at my side, out of view, and opened the door a few inches. “Yes?”

The man didn’t appear to be armed, I’d give him that. But I was, even if it was my personal sidearm, and knocking so loudly before my alarm went off was almost enough to make me shoot him. But I was a professional. An agent with the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. And shooting a man for waking me up before dawn would result in a heck of a lot of paperwork.

I hated paperwork.

By the looks of his expensive suit, obviously tailored to his lean frame, he wasn’t delivering a package. But he had the slightly pale pallor of a vampire, which meant a standard-issue bullet would probably just piss him off unless I got in a really lucky shot.

My bleary gaze sharpened. Shock hit me as I studied the line of his jaw, and the paleness of his blue eyes. What the hell was he doing here?

“Beatrice?” His gaze slid down my oversized flannel pajamas as if my outfit wasn’t quite what he was expecting. “Long time.”

“Yeah.” I fought the heat flushing my face but lost. What did I care what the bloodsucker thought of my pj’s? It was five o’clock in the damn morning. What was I supposed to be wearing?


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